Live it up.


Fund your future through alternative business concepts.

We believe in the power of technology to transform and advance the way we live. Through the years, innovation has radically changed the way we do business. Today, thanks to ever-evolving tools and solutions, wealth-building has become democratic and accessible to all.

Lease and Earn uses innovative technology and smart contracts to connect people to high-value projects that are traditionally just open to a select few.

What is Lease
and Earn?

Lease and Earn is a next-generation platform that allows people to afford leasing portions of new businesses, high-value properties and assets as well as priceless experiences. Through Lease and Earn, people can harness their earning potential and build lasting wealth without having to shell out millions of dollars.


How does Lease and Earn work?

Lease and Earn offers people 3 leasing categories:

start up
Start-up / Liquidity
Lend liquidity to newly established businesses and earn up to 5% monthly dividends.
property lease
Property Lease
Lease fractions of high-value real estate properties and earn up to 8% monthly dividends.
lifestyle lease
Lifestyle Lease
Lease time and usage for one-of-a-kind projects and earn up to 10% monthly dividends. Plus, the chance to experience these projects yourself!

Why Lease and Earn?

simple and affordable
Simple and Affordable
Lease for as little as $100 or as much as millions. However way you want to participate, we have an asset that’s right for you.
diversity of properties and projects
Diversity of Properties and Projects
Get access to various types of opportunities, from the usual (real estate) to the unusual (luxury villa).
We offer a number of projects that lets you earn and “enjoy”. From a stay at a luxury Bali villa to a holiday at an exclusive property in Salalah, we are always on the lookout for non-traditional ways to make leasing equally fun and profitable.