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Building a connected, empowering and lasting financial future together.

Beyond being like-minded individuals, we are a community working towards the shared vision of an alternative financial future. Together, we appreciate and embrace the endless possibilities borne out of a fully cashless economy.

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About The Network

Championing a Thriving Cashless Economy
As the world witnesses the emergence of an alternative digital economy, going cashless has become the next step in the evolution of global finance and money. The Network by Centurion is a community that fully supports this evolution.

We support the development of a framework that allows a digital economy, to not only flourish and grow, but also provide people with the necessary tools so they can achieve financial freedom. It is our mission to build a network of forward-thinking cashless advocates worldwide.

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Advantages of The Network by Centurion

The greater the inclusion, the greater the success. The Network by Centurion presents opportunities for people to build a better financial future and create generational wealth. Motivated by a well-organised calendar of events and incentive programmes in various corners of the globe, we empower the entire network community with strategic marketing directions that will help them achieve their financial goals.
The Network by Centurion plays an important part in spreading the vision for a thriving cashless economy. We focus on selected priority markets, nurturing each one to ensure that our partners are equipped with the opportunity, information and tools to be part of our digital cashless journey. Through knowledge, we aim to enhance and empower more people to embrace an alternative financial future.
The Network by Centurion is growing every day. When a given country reaches a sufficient level of local members, the company establishes support offices to keep sharing opportunities and possibilities to partners. We continuously build new markets to grow our Network community. As of late 2020, The Network has more than 118,000 registered accounts from over 180 countries, all across 6 continents of the world.


Earning Opportunity

The Compensation Plan offers eight different commissions. Premiums and bonuses are paid for DSV Package (Digital Shopping Voucher) purchases made by the community. Through a very modern administration and invoicing programme, sales commissions are recorded in real time and credited directly to partners’ various accounts. Network partners enjoy the flexibility to decide on how to use their DSV, from redeeming DUC, exchanging for premium Ducatus Merchandise, innovative health products and more.


It is vital that partners are empowered with the skills and tools to mould their own financial future and build generational wealth. The Network Management team guides our partners to find a healthy, economic, personal and future-oriented balance in the digital world. Through knowledge, we aim to enhance and empower more people. Training for introduction talks, company presentations, business presentations, business plan trainings, personality trainings, general training on cryptocurrency, internal processes, information on all divisions of The Network.


The Network by Centurion remains inclusive in sharing the benefits of financial empowerment to everyone, including those in need. Through Ducatus Charity, partners can provide financial support to chosen charity organisations. It is also open for partners who wish to invite other partners to support causes they champion and donate funds to aid the less fortunate. This shared goodwill creates a bond that transcends monetary gains.